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Look at the funny side of life. Crazy faces for universal laughther.

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ViacomCBS Comedy Central EMEAA asked us to craft an international ident campaign for Comedy Central. The idents couldn’t be in any one language in order to be used around the world and needed to evoke fun for a wide audience.

That smiling face we make when something is funny, that’s universal. That’s something we all do … so we focused our proposal for Comedy Central around a face that looks at you from any screen. 
Like an emoji but made in the real world. Big eyes and funny mouths. Faces of different shapes, diverse and intriguing 
and above all, faces of people having fun. Faces that smile and are funny face at the same time. 

We created small gags with funny faces in a puppetry bunraku style where puppeteers in black clothes hold eyes, noses and mouths, all handcrafted by Comodo Screen. Humour is evident in the faces themselves, their funny movements, how all the pieces form a face and, of course, the fact that there are people to creating these crazy faces. 
They can be sweet and angry. They can be yelling or laughing or even crying.


* Silver Clio 2022 – TV Idents, Bumpers, & Interstitials

* Promax Global Excellence 2022 – Silver in Best Channel ID and Silver in Best Interstitial/Bumper.

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