TVE Zoetrope Idents

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TVE Zoetrope Idents

Christmas at TVE

For Christmas 2014, TVE wanted to do something very special. We created three zoetropes entirely from scratch, made from thousands of hand-cut pieces of paper, including the TVE claims.

Based on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Three Kings, each ident is infused with that special nostalgia of long-ago cinema techniques. The zoetropes were lovingly made with elements that remind us of the past: paper, record players for the spinning bases, lighting and animation techniques. The 18 frames and spinning velocity were crucial, as well as the camera diaphragm speed, to achieve each magical moment.

The pieces spring to life in darkened rooms, propelled by the magic of Christmas and TVE; each zoetrope placed in a home, just as TVE has been a part of everyone’s home since 1956.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Direction: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Image Director: Juan Carlos Perez – TVE
Creativity: Abel Lopez, Pep Prior and Sonia Cerezal
DOP: Anna Molins
Gaffer: Xavi Aregall
Styling: Monica Puig – The Kitchen
Editing: Sonia Cerezal

Crazy paper cutting: Abel Lopez, Pep Prior, María Ochoa, Silvia Trull and Sonia Cerezal
Communication: Vera Ciria
Music: “We Bought a Zoo” by Jonsi

* Silver World Medal – Station/Network ID
New York International Television & Film Awards 2016

* Silver Laus 2016 ADG-FAD – TV and Film Identity

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