SYFY Film Showcase

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SYFY Film Showcase

SYFY Film Showcase
For the 12th edition of SYFY’s fantasy film showcase, we were commissioned to create the corporate identity comprised of promotional posters and teasers. This annual event presents recent festival films to the general public, focusing on fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres.
We proposed an eerie vision of beauty in the future. A world where the options for change are limitless, each person choosing a variety of forms and skin colours to suit different occasions and moods. A glimpse into intimate beauty rituals filled with tiny details.
We brainstormed the creative concept, designed the set and atrezzo, carried out the art direction and filming, directing and overseeing every aspect of this project.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Direction: Pep Prior, Abel Lopez and María Ochoa
Actress: Leticia Dolera
Make-up: Martin Bray
DOP: Anna Molins
Communication: Vera Ciria
Music: Íñigo Guerrero Gil – Iglú Producciones

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