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SYFY Back to the future

Paper tribute to Back to the Future in its 35th anniversary

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We work closely with SYFY London and SYFY Madrid to make a tribute to the huge 80’s classic, Back To The Future. 35 years from the premiere we had the chance to pay our respect to one of the films or our youth.

So after consider different options we choose to create our own version of the film in paper. The DeLorean, Marty Mc Fly, Doc and the incredible time travel cut out in paper, everything handmade, filmed in stop motion  and without special effects or postproduction. 

Based on the movie we designed every detail, prepared the sets to make the car fly, film and edit what could be a trailer of the film, focus on the incredible experience of travel in time … to end up arriving to El Palacio de la Prensa, the well known theater in the center of Madrid, where the event takes place.  It took as 2 weeks of preproduction with a lot of cutting and 1 week of filming and it was worth it.

Besides the videos for TV and the venue, we also created the poster to announce the event all over Madrid. For the people who assist to the revival of Back to the Future we wanted to have a special souvenir and we prepared a paper cut-out of the DeLorean, so they could put together their own paper time machine. 

Bars and restaurants around “El Palacio de la Prensa” where the event takes place, also participate with special SYFY tapas inspired in SciFi films and we did an special artwork for them.

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