Stradivarius Covid measures

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Stradivarius Covid measures

Stradivarius is ready to open after the pandemic lockdown with all the safety measures

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April 2020, after more than a month confined in Europe, seemed that the World started moving again.  Stradivarius, the streetstyle fashion brand, was ready to open its stores with all safety measures, as soon as conditions allowed to open shops in each country. Safety was essential and we wanted to show that safety measures will not break the fun and glamour of going shopping at Stradivarius.

The challenge was to show disinfection and prevention following the stylish brand image. But how without been able  to work with models and with shops still close? We create a poetic situation that stopmotion animated explained each measure without words, perfect for international markets. This technique allowed us to work with a extremely reduced team and only with objects.

The campaing was placed at  Stradivarius website , social media and in its 794  stores in 53 countries.

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