RIA Money Transfer


RIA Money Transfer

Friendly, simple and easy animation  like sending money to the love ones with RIA

RIA the international money transfer company has a brand new image, and wanted to use it to explain how quick, simple and secure is to send money to the love ones and to make dreams come true, using its app and its retail locations. Millions of people trust Ria Money Transfer every day to send money to nearly 160 countries with low fees and great exchange rates. 

Also Ria has become the Official Global Partner of Atlético de Madrid, one of the best Spanish football teams and winner of last year Spanish league.  The advertising agency Sra Rushmore, created a great campaing for presenting this sponsoring  on TV that was shooted by Agosto. Was the production company who contacted Comodo Screen to develop this animation videos that combine sport sponsoring and transferring money details. 

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