Promo Cuéntame


Promo Cuéntame

Promo Cuéntame
TVE contacted us once again to create the end of year promo for the Spanish television series “Cuéntame”. Last year we created a pop-up book of the characters that was a big hit, this year the channel wanted to continue celebrating the decade of the ’80s.
Maintaining the Juan Gatti inspiration, we decided on fluorescent colours, geometric shapes, collage-style characters and ’80s iconography.
We created a simple set to film the different elements, as we would be mixing real stopmotion footage with 2D collage graphics in postproduction. We animated frame by frame, creating different layers to add depth to the piece.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Direction: Cómodo Screen
Art Direction: Abel Lopéz and María Ochoa
Animation: Abel Lopéz, María Ochoa and Sonia Cerezal
Communication: Vera Ciria

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