Muestra SYFY 2016 – Film Showcase


Muestra SYFY 2016 – Film Showcase

After creating the graphic identity for the 12th edition of SYFY’s fantasy film showcase, the channel approached us once again for the 13th edition. Comprising promotional posters, offline and online imagery to be used in different mediums, opening reels and promos, the graphic identity is key to reach the target audience anxious to discover recent films spanning fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres.

This year we decided to pay tribute to classic science fiction movies and outer space. An exciting and emotional journey, a spacecraft travelling through the universe, the NASA searching for signs of alien life forms. Endless distances to be covered in time and space.

To achieve the look, we worked with images of radars, radio and sonar waves, photographs of space elements. To heighten the aesthetics, we applied a glitch effect and vibrant colours. The result is a wild space ride for viewers.

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