International Women’s Day TeleMadrid

International Women’s Day TeleMadrid

March 8th, International Women’s Day for Telemadrid

In Comodo Screen we won the pitch with a message to empower women that is also an invitation for men, to reclaim together for a more equal and fair society. Raise awareness about feminism as a movement where women lead a social change for all, women and men.

We ask women and men (real people no models) in the streets of Madrid to read the poem. Together they recite with naturalness as if they were singing a song, speaking out loud from their hearts, repeating as a mantra, Gloria Fuerte’s verse.

I’m only a woman and is enough.

I’m your daughter. I’m your friend.

I’m different. I’m the same.

I’m capable. I’imperfect.

I’m powerful and I’m patient.

I’m only a woman and is enough.

Because together we are strong

and future is being bold.

I only ask for what’s fair

because still is not enough.

I’m only a woman and is enough.


Project direction: María Borrás

Executive creative directors: Abel López and Pep Prior

Production: Elena Labandeira

Sound: Isolé División Sonora

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