International Women’s Day TeleMadrid 2021


International Women’s Day TeleMadrid 2021

Bold, diverse and colorful women names to celebrate March 8th, all represented.


TeleMadrid is commited with March 8th and contacted Comodo to create a campaing for this special day. 

In Women’s Day we celebrate the day of every single woman and that’s why we wanted to congratulate them by their name. Many different names representing all the women of Madrid and its diversity. Some are traditional, some modern, from different origins … and each one appears in very different style, combining typography, background and movement. 

Its a walk with girls, daughters, women, schoolgirls, old women, teenage girels, chicks, ladies … they are all here and we want to wish them a great day, that should be today and always. Because everyday should be Women’s Day until is longer necessary to reclaimed women’s rights on March 8th.

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