Game of Thrones “Heads will roll”

Craft & Life action

Game of Thrones “Heads will roll”

SYFY Portugal approached us to created 2 promos for Game of Thrones last season inspired in fan art. As we are big fans of the series ourselves we really enjoy it, is the biggest event of the year on TV and we got to participate with our own pieces.

We were free to create our own tribute and we focus in one of the big trues of GOT: Death omniprecense  … but with some humour. 


Every single character was created with wooden pieces, painted and decorated. We spent many hours  and we really enjoyed taking care of all these little details that fans apreciate so much. It is a real crafted fan art piece with a simple style and easy recognizable to present all GOT families and their fate.

It is a very much in house piece, as we did every possible part of it: creativity, desing, craft, shooting, edition and post prodution. This was a great and fun opportunity and we wanted to be part of the project as much as we could, and we did it. 

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