Game of Thrones Campaign

Craft & Live action

Game of Thrones Campaign

For the final season of Game of Thrones on SyFy we got to be involved with television’s biggest event of the year by creating the campaign “Heads will Roll” for SYFY. We got crafting to create promos inspired by the characters and themes within the series – death. But, as is the Comodo way, with a smile!

We created all the characters in wood and paint, painstakingly capturing the recognisable qualities (and flaws!) of the beloved GOT cast. It was important to us to honour the fans in the detail, whilst keeping the craft style simple.

Needless to say, as massive GOT fans, we had lots of fun, and created every part of the campaign in house from the creative idea, design, craft character creation, shoot, edit and post. Winter has come, and we loved it!

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