El Comidista TV

After 8 years on internet, El Comidista, one of the most important gastronomic webs in Spain becomes a TV program. A magazine that includes recipes, trends, nutrition info, news … always combining accuracy with sense of humour and entertainment, directed by Mikel López Iturriaga, El Comidista.

This is the starting point to create the opening, presenting Mikel and his fun and colorful way to talk about food: what we eat, what’s needed to cook a dish, how much will cost, where do you found the best ingredient … And we decided to fit all this into El Comidista’s head with a stop motion piece where we desing and build all his fun and crazy thoughts about food.

The image of program also follows this pop spirit. Titles, reporter presentations and section openings look for the audience smile by playing with everyday objects, colors and naive visual jokes.

Each episode was sprinkle with small stop motion capsules. Was lots of fun presenting info regarding the subject of the program, introducing ingredients or explaining chemical changes in food this way. We enjoyed the desing and art direction, craft and of course shooting and animation of this little storys about sugar, fermentation or the best croquette among many others.


* Golden Medal Promax Europe 2018 – General Programme Design Package

* Gold World Medal NYF TV&Film Awards 2018 – Best Graphic Desing

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