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EITB rebrand

EITB, the Basque Country television was looking for a change, for a renovation  in its image. EITB as public media corporation that includes television and radio, has play an important role on the evolution that basque society has experienced in the last years and they wanted it reflected in its new image. With this commitment, EITB contacted Comodo Screen for a deep rebrand.


Tradition was the starting point but with a headaway. From tradition, basque people has created a new identity more open, more international and more diverse. Like in Basque cuisine , taking roots in tradition reinvents the way of cooking to reinforce its identity. Definitely, tradition has become transformation motor. As communication objectives we seek to renew bonds and build new ones and become a reference in topical issues again. Communicate dynamism and talk clear to arrive to all people. Show that EITB is a TV in Basque and in Spanish, no matter where are they come from, with news, culture and entertainment.


One of the Basque national symbols, its flag, would be the base for the visual code. The shape becomes a grid that offers versatility and allows to develop different channels applications maintaining a solid and recognizable image of the brand. Typography takes inspiration from a traditional Basque font used in many typical shops and local business.  


We built a new language based on geometry, colour and rythm. A building block system that permutates and changes completely without ever loosing its identity.

– Channel ETB1 (local channel and in Basque): Main color red and   the pure tone of the txalaparta is the leading sound.

– Channel ETB2 (in Spanish): Main color blue and we used the same sound base as ETB1, and added more European sounds using prepared piano, violins and marimbas.

– Channel ETB3 (children’s channel): Orange is its color and has a sligtly different animation.   We used musical and non-musical toys.

– Channel ETB4 (international): Main color is green and we combined the txalaparta with an electric guitar and Jazzy sounds that created a more international and cosmopolitan character.  


This new image was completed with a new audiobranding. We decided to search for soundscapes that defined the area: the wind, the sea and the forest. Among the local sounds that we discovered, we found the txalaparta particularly fascinating; a traditional percussion instrument that offered the most organic and authentic notes for our soundscape. The syncopated structure of the txalaparta’s sound is at the heart of this audio and in order to define the identity of each of the four channels, we assigned different tones and textures closely related to each channel’s programming.


Project direction and executive production: María Borrás
Creative directors: Abel López and Pep Prior
Animation: Francesc de Riba
Audiobranding: Banjo Soundscapes

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