DKiss image refresh

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DKiss image refresh

We got to create a refreshed channel image for the Spanish free-to-air channel DKiss.

Our starting point for the design came from the core six content themes on DKiss: love, medical, crime, home and health. A great variety of entertainment with some humour for everyone.

So, using the logo as a central element we created a series of idents that tell the stories of each genre.

We used diet and sport to represent moving from unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle. How a little remodelling can give you a brand-new home. Family life changing when the kids arrive. A new crime to be solved, but “who did it?” Need help? The medical team will find a solution. And of course, romance! There is always love on DKiss.

We loved the freedom our client gave us to deliver this in our unique Comodo way. So, for production we created hand-made set ups rather than use 2D or 3D animation. We designed each situation, made the models, handled the art direction and directed, filmed, edited and finished it all with individual music and SFX to complete the fun spirit of the DKiss brand.

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