#Cero MUY

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#Cero MUY

#MUY  A launch campaign that works as a look for a whole year

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Movistar+ asked us to help shape a fledgling idea into something that could be used in different applications all year round. The primary goal being to promote the main channel of the platform, #0


#Muy wanted to create a song that showcased all their key talent in a “music video” using key visual codes from the internet; like the language used in social media, stickers, gifs, bold typography, unapologetic colours and bold combinations. They wanted to embrace the online world where everything is more visual, tangible and immediate.

The core idea was to move away from just using words as adjectives to define their brand to creating visual adjectives using the most recognisable part of the brand- the talent. This adjective strategy had been used with great results where they combined adjectives and #Muy (very) as hashtags e.g. #VeryFunny, #VeryAmazing #VeryBold , #VeryAdventurous. (It makes more sense in Spanish, trust us please). So So we took it one step further and created their own adjectives using some the most recognizable faces in the Spanish tv landscape, turning them into everyday adjectives. #MuyBroncano, #MuyBuenafuente, #MuyPaula, #MuyPatricia, #MuyCoronas, etc…


As well as creating the full song clip, we developed 15 different shorter clips for each of the talent. Each one starts from the personality of the host and the show but lands in a completely different visual world, adding irreverence and loads of humour to their public personas. We also created gifs and stickers that could be used for social media and in the graphic package. The end result created a narrative that played with the personality of the talent and showed it in a different light.


We also wanted a system that would outlive this pieces and translate into the graphic package and could be grown and developed by the team in house. We came up with the idea of turning the protagonists into motives. We asked them to dance and do silly things that we turned into little loops. Then we combined and arranged these loops into patters that became the background and the key visuals for the new season. We created more than 15 different patterns with the possibility to reconfigure and recombine an infinite amount more. They are funny, understated and visually very appealing. They speak the same language as social media content and are easy and fun to watch. They represent the channel in a fun way and establishes an immediate emotional connection with the audience.


Talent patterns could also be seen on the streets with the same fun code. They launched a new season on #0, inviting viewers to dance along at the bus stop or just give them a smile on your way to work. The campaign in key locations across cities reminded the audience they could watch the channel anywhere, anytime.


* Silver Laus  ADG-FAD – TV and Film Identity

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