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Canal+ Cine

Canal+ Action
Each of the four Canal+ Action machines are activated by a wooden hand and have a general metallic appearance. Although the logo is “threatened” by the surrounding elements, it is saved from harm, resulting the triumphant protagonist.
Explosion: A countdown threatens the logo, elements hurtling towards a devastating explosion.
Blades: Knives, axes and scissors swish through the air, causing a circular electric saw to spin towards the logo.
Fire: A police chase ends with spilled gasoline and a lick of flame that creeps closer and closer.
Pistols: A pistol shot rings out and things start to move quickly, creating tension and suspense. Is the logo safe?

Canal+ Cine
Back in late spring, we won the Canal+ Cine pitch and proceeded to work throughout four months to create 12 idents, completely hand-made and filmed.
A Rube Goldberg machine carries out a simple task in an indirect and elaborate manner. Each element interacts with another, creating a subsequent chain reaction.
Building made-to-measure sets, we started with hand-drawn storyboards detailing the different actions, then made each machine from scratch, experimenting with different elements to achieve the desired effects and results.
Four idents each for three genres, Action, Comedy and Cinema, in which the Canal+ logo is the star.
*Silver Laus 2014 – TV and Film Indentity

Canal+ Comedy
In the case of the Comedy idents, each machine is activated by an object. The Canal+ Cine logo is subject to a practical joke, a tribute to slapstick.
Heavy Weight: A blue skull sets the tone for a set filled with heavy elements that fall, creating gravity effects, with the logo falling into place at the end.
Surprise: Confetti, balloons and other party elements pop out of different boxes, with the logo appearing just like a jack-in-a-box.
Scorched: An innocent robot knocks down a wall of bricks, setting off different elements that end with a slapstick of dynamite and a cartoon-like explosion.
Cake in the Face: An errant fly sets the ident in motion, using various baking elements that produce a cake. A rolling pin spins, uncovering the final logo.

Canal+ DCine
Showcasing key genres of the best cinematic offerings, the logo is placed centre stage in the Rube Goldberg action. Each machine is activated by a real hand.
Film Noir: A secret glass of bourbon gives way to intrigue, a world of gamblers, gangsters and pistols.
Musical: A handmade boombox sets the scene for a modern-day musical that boasts golden details, spinning dancers legs, disco balls and sparkly red stars.

OVNI: An eerie, alien hand reaches out in this science fiction epic, where rows of LED lights blink into action and tiny space saucers float around the Canal+ logo.
Romantic: Cupid’s arrow sets off the action in this romantic and dramatic Oscar-worthy set.

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