Canal + Sale a la calle


Canal + Sale a la calle

Canal + Sale a la calle
For summer, CANAL+ was looking to transform their logo into an animated character and create some idents. We decided to take the recognizable logo of the channel and add some very thin, very long legs. This character has the ability to change everything that it comes in contact with, whether that be music, people, the city or summer itself. Constructed in an urban collage-style, there is a slightly punkie vibe going on as the CANAL+ logo character ambles around the city, unleashing his particular brand of cool, just like the channel itself.

Character Design

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Idea: Nadie
Creative Directors: Pep Prior, Abel Lopez and Albert Corberó
Art direction: Idents 1, 3 and 4 by Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Art direction: Ident 2 by Device
Animation and design: Pep Prior, Abel Lopez, Salvado Borrego,
Aleix Pitarch, Tal Gilks, Albert Pitarch and Marcello Busselli
Music: CANAL+

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