Canal+ DCine Ident

Canal+ DCine Ident

Canal+ DCine
Showcasing key genres of the best cinematic offerings, the logo is placed centre stage in the Rube Goldberg action. Each machine is activated by a real hand.
Film Noir: A secret glass of bourbon gives way to intrigue, a world of gamblers, gangsters and pistols.
Musical: A handmade boombox sets the scene for a modern-day musical that boasts golden details, spinning dancers legs, disco balls and sparkly red stars.

OVNI: An eerie, alien hand reaches out in this science fiction epic, where rows of LED lights blink into action and tiny space saucers float around the Canal+ logo.
Romantic: Cupid’s arrow sets off the action in this romantic and dramatic Oscar-worthy set.

*Silver Laus 2014 – TV and Film Indentity

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Art Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Director of Photography: Anna Molins
Editing: Alex Fernández, Miquel Rodríguez and Francesc De Riba
Production Assistants: Silvia Trull and Ricardo Ibáñez
Music and special effects: Flow Audio
Communication: Vera Ciria

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