Beco iPad App for H&M


Beco iPad App for H&M

Beco iPad App for H&M
Recently we have enjoyed several great opportunities to work on projects outside of our usual television field.
We have collaborated in the past with the girls at BECO, creating a launch video for their official presentation at the 2012 The Brandery in Barcelona.
BECO, Be Cool, Be Conscious, is an ethical fashion platform that aims to raise awareness regarding shopping and fashion and the consumers habits and attitudes.
BECO teamed up with H&M, to help the brand with their 2013 Conscious Collection. We love working on projects that raise awareness and were very happy when BECO called us to create and design an iPad app for the interactive workshop that H&M held to present the Conscious Collection on the 20th of March in Madrid. Around 100 people gathered, journalists, bloggers and customers, all eager to learn more about H&M’s sustainability policies and ethics. The goal of the “It’s Your Decision, Be Conscious” app was to provoke consumers to be more aware of their shopping habits and attitudes towards clothes and fashion.

Working hand-in-hand with InQBarna, we created a series of illustrations to accompany the instructions and questions posed. After answering and filling in the information, the app generated a score based on the information collected, offering insights and measuring the impact of each person on the environment according to their habits.
The workshop was a great success, receiving excellent media coverage in press and blogs. We loved participating with our app, helping to further awareness in the world.

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