#0 Movistar dog faces

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#0 Movistar dog faces


All colours, sizes and breeds for this Movistar+ #0 campaign that turned their presenters into dogs

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What a challenge!! #0 Movistar+ wanted to turn all their channel talent into dogs. Yes, real dogs! Dogs that would be as diverse as the presenters and channel programs. After all, who doesn’t like dogs? Our process started with intensive technical and creative research on how to transform a person into a dog character that was realistic and still recognizable as that person. It wasn’t easy! First we needed a dog that shared a resemblance to the presenters in face shape, size, expression, and attitude.The presenters are well known public figures and it was very important that their personalities as well as look were matched.

We found that the best production option was then to take pictures of the presenters with different expressions and mix them with pictures of the chosen dogs. Next a concept artist created the unique character from the photo composition and then the final step was animation.

The dog-presenter-look could get a bit weird at times, so we wanted to make explicit that the presenters had morphed into cartoon characters. That is why we choose a puppet technique in animation to reinforce their playful moves.

The cross dog-person can get a bit creepy, so in animation we wanted to make clear that talents had morphed into some kind of cartoon characters. That is why we choose a puppet technique that reinforce their playful acting.

The end result of the dog-faces (as we call them) were so strong that we decided to avoid almost any other element in the frame. They are the main protagonists of the campaign and everything hinges on their expressions. To add humour to their already fun look we put them into funny situations, instead of explaining big stories.

A dog’s bark in Spanish is called “guau” which sounds like “wow”, so we played on this word similarity with dogs “guau-ing” and wowing!

We created an entire pack of dog-presenters, all different sizes, types and breeds. Each is unique, quite different, and very diverse. Very wow and very much for everybody.

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