Titan Arts

We’re really excited to present this project to the world. Titan contacted us, as two of our studio members hold Fine Arts degrees, to create a web for their Fine Arts line of products. Titan is one of the most important paint companies in Spain, manufacturing their products in Barcelona and using traditionals methods.

As they were aiming for international projection, we decided to also creat a new name (Titan Arts) and claim (Titan is Colour), proposing a logo to accompany the new identity. They loved our proposal and the project quickly turned into a full identity rebrand.

The new corporate video portrays the artesanal procedure used by Titan to produce their products.

Corporate Video

web titan arts created by comodo screen

Titan Arts Web

The initial project was to create the new Titan Arts website. A platform aimed at artists and the general public, a didactic space that shows you how to use the different Fine Arts products. We curate original content which is published on a weekly basis, in both Spanish and English. The idea is to position the brand as a reference and act as a meeting place for people to be inspired.

Projecting key brand values, the Titan Arts web is innovative, fresh, enthusiastic and professional. Boasting a four-column format, the web is colourful, reflecting the brand’s heritage and identity.

We proposed five categories that englobe different aspects of the brand and which help to engage with the reader.

Colour: Just as the name suggests, this category concentrates on colour, ensuring that it is the protagonist by using colourful videos and images.

Inspiration: This section acts as a inspiration for DIY projects, information and images to inspire!

Procedure: These posts relate to procedures, tutorials and techniques involving the Titan Arts range of products. Once a month, we will be creating a new procedure video.

Recommendation: An agenda-like space, here the readers will find information on exhibitions, contests, prize draws, events, etc.

Titan: The brand boasts a rich heritage and this will be the section to learn about Titan’s history as well as news.

web titan arts created by comodo screen

Web Posts Titan Arts

The Pinterest-style web offers a wealth of posts regarding artists, techniques, procedures, history, exhibitions and interesting facts and information. Upon clicking, a window opens where the reader can view the entire post, photos and links. The information can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Readers can interact and comment to their hearts’ content!

Titan Arts Web

titan arts logo created by comodo screen

New Identity Titan Arts

As Titan was aiming for international projection, we decided that they would need a new name, logo and claim to help position the brand. The new identity transmits modernity and confidence. Titan Fine Arts is now Titan Arts, working on an international level and referencing a passionate and vivid spirit. This new proposal creates a cohesive unification among the different products that comprise this specific line, creating a universal message that is instantly recognizable. The Titan Arts logo is placed upon a wide brushstroke of paint. This option allows for the use of different colours and textures in the future.

The new claim “Titan is Colour” further adds to this new identity, creating a solid base for the present and the future. Just as the essence of paint is colour, the claim links to the brand and to their product.

Logo Titan Arts

DIY Videos

Once a month we will be creating special DIY videos depicting easy craft projects that can be done at home with TitanArts products. This is the first video so far.

DIY Video


Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Art direction: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Photographer: Mireia Rodríguez

Web Design: Albert Corberó

Programming: Abel Cabans

Vídeo: Alex Fernandez

Web Content: Rocío Macías

Music: West One Music

Communication: Vera Ciria