Canal Cocina Navidad

Christmas is always a special time of year and preparing good idents can sometimes be difficult. That said, we had a blast creating the two

stop-motion idents for CANAL COCINA. We wanted to exemplify typical Christmas moments but place the emphasis on food and dining.

Christmas channel idents

canal cocina navidad comodo screen

Ident 1

For the first ident, we used bits and pieces of a Nativity scene mixed with kitsch serving dishes, plates and even a cake stand. The different and exaggerated proportions added to the surreal scenario where even the stars seemed to have a mind of their own.

First ident

comodo screen canal cocina navidad

Ident 2

For the second ident, we concentrated on snow and created fir-covered hills by stacking dinner plates. Grated cheese fell softly on the idyllic scene. For both options, the tagline was “La comida nos une” – Food unites us.

Second ident



Client contact and production: María Borrás

Creative Directors: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez

Animation and design: Abel López and Aleix Pitarch

Photo: Ana Molins