Viajar Rebranding


Viajar Rebranding

With a keen emphasis on creative, arty, hand-made concepts, the channel was looking to better define their image. Starting with the logo VIAJAR, white letters on a red rectangle, we created a simple but strong identity in the form of an unfolding map. From there it was a matter of building on the hand-made theme with moving collages constructed from different elements associated with traveling and vacations. The idea is to grip the spectator with imagery that pulls at their memories or desire for adventure.


Complete graphic package
Award: BRONZE LAUS – 2011

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Art direction: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Animation and design: Pep Prior, Abel Lopez,
Sebastian Baptista, Marcello Busselli and Frances de Riba
Music: Aleix Pitarch

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