Promo TVE

Promo TVE

Promo TVE
TVE approached us to create a promo based around a series of illustrations that would invade the city. A blue strand of light, part of the channel identity, would link the different illustrations. First it was necessary to draw the 22 characters that would appear in the TVE promo: presenters, actors, journalists, and even two cartoon characters. The backgrounds were filmed by the TVE team and the drawings integrated in a natural manner, with the corporate blue streak acting as a narrative thread, leading the viewer through the locations. Throughout the process, TVE proposed an accompanying claim: “Part of Your Life Since 1956” – (The year the channel launched.) The TVE promo has now become the autumn campaign, the new identity for the 2014-2015 season.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Director: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Design, Graphics and Animation: Abel Lopez, Pep Prior and Sonia Cerezal
TVE Producer: Ángel Cabello
Animation: Marc García
Compositing: Edu Puertas and David Vico
Illustrations: Rocío Macías
Communication: Vera Ciria

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