People Who – Video


People Who – Video

People Who Live with Bipolar Disorder
Social awareness campaign video.
Here at Cómodo Screen we were very happy when Personas Que contacted us to create a video to raise awareness regarding long-term illnesses. Personas Que (People Who) is a non-profit platform that offers support to people who are living with difficult health issues.The video deals with bipolar disorder and portrays the story of Clara. Keeping the animation clean and simple, the idea was to focus on Clara’s struggles without losing a crucial element of hope.
Using a combination of 2D and 3D, we were able to recreate a world based on minimalist forms that fold and unfold around Clara, as a “first-person” voice in-off narrates her personal experience with bipolar disorder. The image concept we used follows in the style line of Personas Que.

Silver Bassaward Social Category.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Art direction: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Animation: Joan Estévez
Music: Rimsky
Narration: Molly Malcolm

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