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Sex is natural and fun! this is Platanomelon vision and this how this colorful online erotic shop talks in their website. They reached Comodo Screen to create a video presentation for Mambo, their last new product, and we loved the idea of introducing the new toy with a playful video using the brand graphic universe.

The challenge was to make an appealing unboxing, surprising and explanatory at the same time. We came up with the idea of introducing the product like a star of a musical show. Following a Mambo song, we made the clitoris stimulator dance and multiply like in a game of mirrors in colorful backgrounds. Then we move to Mambo features, combining shooting and illustration to discover all the toy details. Rhythm, fun and Maaaaaaaambo!!!!!


Client contact and production: María Borrás

Creative Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior

Animation: Francesc de Riba

Production: Elena Labandeira

Music: Dani Trujillo

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