DMax Rudolph


DMax Rudolph

DMax asked Comodo Screen to create the Christmas campaign. Was our first time working together and we wanted something very Christmassy and very DMax, but overall very wanted something touching and fun.

We imagined how would be if one of the main Xmas characters became absolutely crazy about the channel content and this is what happened:

Legend has it that there are 9 reindeers that help Santa Claus. Rudolph, the youngest reindeer is famous because of his funny red nose. is missing in Christmas Eve, just when Santa is getting ready for the big night. Where Rudolph can be? He couldn’t help it and jumped into DMax best shows undergoing many adventures. Rudolph is now Wild Frank in the jungle or an explorer in a tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs or a welder on the workshop or even a custom officer figuring out what’s going through the airport scanner.

So we designed Rudolph as a lovely puppet and all his universe in each of the shows he appears. As we like it in Comodo we were involved in every single step of the production. We designed the puppet, we built the props and sets, film all situations and edit the final pieces. 

Rudolph was on TV and also jumped into DMax social media with gifs and images of how Rudolph sneaks in shows. Saying hellow to the audience and enjoying Christmas together.


Client contact and production: María Borrás

Creative Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior

Cinematographer: Anna Molins

Creativity and Art Direction: María Ochoa

Craft: Xenia Cubí

Music and sound desing: Jordi Juan Llamas

Production: Elena Labandeira

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