DKiss image refresh


DKiss image refresh

We were commissioned to renew the channel image of DKiss.

DKiss is entertainment in its different 6 content areas: love, medical, crime, remodeling, family and health. Great entertainment variety always with the channel mood and all audiences style, that’s the main objective of the refreshing project. So we took the logo as the central element of the scene.

Each ident is a little story that happens in the channel. A quick situation around the logo with its emotions and surprises.

We see how with diet and sport we go from overweith to a healthy life style. How with some remodeling you can get a brand new home. Family life changing when children arrive. In crime there’s a new case to be solve, lets see who ’s guilty. Need help? Our medical team will find a solution. And of course, romance!! All kind of love storys are always in DKiss

The channel gave gave us lots of freedom and the project is 100% Comodo Screen. We proposed the creative concept, designed the set and atrezzo, carried out the art direction and filming, directing and overseeing every aspect of this project. Every ident and continuity pieces of each area have their music with sound effects to complete its soundtrack.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Direction: Pep Prior, Abel Lopez and María Ochoa
DOP: Anna Molins
Music:  Jordi Juan Llamas

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