Complete CTK rebrand for a cinema channel: Idents, promotion and new logo. With a young target audience that loves film, especially cult and independent, the idea was to transform the channel identity so it would be more in tune with their interests; CTK is to film what MTV is to music. We started by reducing the CINEMATK channel name to CTK and a logo was created with a clear pop-art inspiration, strong and easily recognizable. As there are many different film genres, we referred to visual poetry from daily life instead of opting for more obvious graphic strategies. We also created a variety of promos for different styles of programs such as hand-made poster art-style, graffiti and collages to name just a few.
Award: Nomination Bronze LAUS – 2006

CTK Rebrand Credits
Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Art direction: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Animation and design: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Logo design: Enric Jardí
Music: Xavi Martin for Teuve

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