Canal Plus Action Idents

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Canal Plus Action Idents

Canal+ Action
Each of the four Canal+ Action machines are activated by a wooden hand and have a general metallic appearance. Although the logo is “threatened” by the surrounding elements, it is saved from harm, resulting the triumphant protagonist.
Explosion: A countdown threatens the logo, elements hurtling towards a devastating explosion.
Blades: Knives, axes and scissors swish through the air, causing a circular electric saw to spin towards the logo.
Fire: A police chase ends with spilled gasoline and a lick of flame that creeps closer and closer.
Pistols: A pistol shot rings out and things start to move quickly, creating tension and suspense. Is the logo safe?

*Silver Laus 2014 – TV and Film Indentity

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Art Directors: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Director of Photography: Anna Molins
Editing: Alex Fernández, Miquel Rodríguez and Francesc De Riba
Production Assistants: Silvia Trull and Ricardo Ibáñez
Music and special effects: Flow Audio
Communication: Vera Ciria

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