Buzz Rebrand


Buzz Rebrand

Complete rebranding for an action channel: Idents, continuity and logo.
By using elements that suggest movement and tension such as protruding spikes, spinning blades and gears, the idents pull the viewer in, preparing them for a wide array of action-packed programs. The BUZZ logo is constructed of different heavy-duty machinery parts that slot together with great impact, with the occasional flash of orange or yellow to add to the drama. Even the promos tremble in place, vibrating to the soundtrack of rock music, seemingly ready to explode into action.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Art direction: Abel Lopez and Pep Prior
Animation and design: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
3D: Aparenta
Music: Xavi Martín for Teuve

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